How do I apply eye make-up?

1. A little make-up takes your eyes to the next level

Make-up enhances your eyes and pulls together a look. A few simple techniques are all you need for seductive, mysterious, vibrant or glamorous eyes. Play around with powders, pencils and mascaras to experiment with different looks to complement your style and personality.

2. Five steps to stunning eye make-up

How do I apply eye make-up for perfect results? Start by attending to your eye contour area. This fragile area needs to be moisturised and protected before you apply any make-up. Next, apply Instant Light, a setting primer that combines the benefits of skincare and make-up, especially for eyes. As if by magic, Instant Light revitalises skin, brightening and priming it to ensure your make-up lasts throughout the day.
Once you've applied your primer, apply eyeshadow and define your eyes by subtly lining your lower and upper lash lines. For a more intense effect, reach for the Graphik Ink eyeliner. Experiment with contrast, shadow and light depending on your mood. And if you want sultry, temptress eyes, treat yourself to the essentials in the Smoky Eyes set. Work on your lashes, too: the Supra Volume thickens, while the Be Long Mascara takes lashes to the next level.

3. It's all about the brows

Brows are often forgotten, but they are key to framing your eyes and giving them personality. Tame your brows with the brush on the Eyebrow Pencil before filling them in with the pencil end. That's the secret to perfectly polished eyes both day and night!

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